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Our e-learning course is freely accessible, free of charge and participants can undertake the course in their own time. The course is available in English and Spanish.

You can learn more or register for the e-learning course here.

Classroom course at the UN City in Copenhagen, Denmark

The NAMAcademy classroom course consists of 5 days of workshops and group work, lectures and presentations. It provides tools for planning and implementation of policy and project related climate change mitigation actions on sectoral or economy-wide basis. It offers insights from existing models and implemented examples and enables participants to engage in designing, planning and financing mitigation actions. We are periodically revising the course content and structure to ensure that our services are up to date with the latest development in the international climate agenda, mitigation initiatives worldwide and mitigation financing and support institutions.

For the classroom course, a limit of 10 students is set to enable the facilitators to offer personal coaching in the participants' mitigation concepts.

Tuition fees: 1,100 USD

The fee includes 5 days of classroom course, including coached workshops, lectures and group work. Developing country participants, who are not supported by a development institution, get a 400 USD discount.


The course organizers can assist in booking accommodation in Copenhagen for the duration of the course, through favourable rates.

To apply to the next NAMAcademy classroom course, please write to us at namacademy@dtu.dk.

Tailored courses in Denmark and abroad

The NAMAcademy has since its first course held in 2013 also offered sector focused training and tailor-made courses on demand, both in Denmark and abroad. The course can be tailor-made to be sector focused on:

• Energy
• Industrial Processes
• Agriculture
• Land use, land-use change and forestry
• Waste

They can also be more specific and go in depth in sub-sectors targeting specific technologies. For example:
• Charcoal
• Waste technologies and waste management
• Renewable energy policies
• Energy efficiency

We can also provide training on specific topics such as:

• Monitoring, Reporting, Verification (MRV)
• Institutional design
• Financial mechanisms
• Market mechanisms
• Policy instruments

For inquiries related to tailor-made courses, please write to us at namacademy@dtu.dk.






19 AUGUST 2022