The NAMAcademy e-learning course consists of 4 modules and a total of 14 chapters, and can be accessed at your time of choice.

The course aims to give a basic introduction to NAMAs, and to provide basic concepts, approaches and methodologies for planning, formulating and implementing NAMAs to relevant NAMA practitioners. It explores different concepts and practices that may serve as foundations for planning and implementation of climate change mitigation initiatives, linking the development of NAMAs to existing development planning frameworks, including low carbon development.

The NAMAcademy is continuously open for applications for the e-learning course, which is free of charge. Upon completion you may wish to continue taking the in-depth classroom NAMAcademy course, which is held regularly.

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Curso online en español

Tomar el curso online de la NAMAcademy es el primer paso hacia una comprensión básica de las NAMAs.

El curso presenta todos los temas relevantes y puede ser completado al ritmo del participante.

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Webinar on the World Bank's Mitigation Action Assessment Protocol (MAAP) tool

The World Bank has developed the Mitigation Action Assessment Protocol (MAAP), a key tool for achieving transparency in how climate actions are designed. It can be a useful tool to assess the completeness of NAMA or mitigation action designs, and identify strengths and weaknesses in the NAMA documentation. In addition to allow the completeness of mitigation actions, the tool is already applied on 180 mitigation actions by several countries, cities and institutions to compare mitigation actions, facilitating prioritization between different mitigation options, and to identify areas of improvement in the documentation before approaching potential financiers.

Due to the increased interest in the MAAP, and the tool's relevance for NAMA development, the UNEP DTU Partnership has organized webinars introducing this tool. The video recording of the webinar can be viewed here:


We at the NAMAcademy deem this as a good opportunity for NAMA practitioners to expand their competencies with a practical tool that can improve the quality of the mitigation action design. The tool can be found here: https://maap.worldbank.org







19 AUGUST 2022