Students graduating from the October 2015 session of NAMAcademy.

Participants attending the Spring 2015 session of NAMAcademy.

Students attending outdoor sessions at NAMAcademy 2014.

Participants attending NAMAcademy 2013.

Students graduating from the 2014 session of NAMAcademy.

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What is NAMAcademy?

The NAMAcademy offers an e-learning programme on conceptualizing NAMAs followed by a one week classroom course. The classroom course is organized at changing locations in Denmark and may also be set up in NAMA host countries. Read more.


The NAMAcademy facilitators are seasoned professionals in climate change covering all relevant subjects from sustainable development to finance and from prioritization tools to MRV. Most have done extensive facilitation in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Apply to NAMAcademy

The NAMAcademy is continuously open for applications for the e-learning course, which is free of charge. Upon completion you may wish to continue taking the in-depth classroom NAMAcademy course, which is held regularly. Apply for the e-learning course.

E-Learning in Spanish

Tomar el curso online de la NAMAcademy es el primer paso hacia una comprensión básica de las NAMAs. El curso presenta todos los temas relevantes y puede ser completado al ritmo del participante. La participación en el curso presencial requiere que el participante haya completado satisfactoriamente el curso online.
14 FEBRUARY 2016